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Sultan Ahmed tour

Also known as the Blue Mosque, it is located in the Al-Fateh area and is distinguished by its huge building and decoration
The beautiful architecture that was designed and built by many of the most famous architects in Istanbul and
In the same area there are many tourist places, including churches and a mosque
Hagia Sophia, gardens and museums frequented by tourists
Tourist places in Sultan Ahmed's trip
  • Sultan’s Harem Palace (Topkapi Palace)
    Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque)
    Egyptian market
    Hagia Sophia Istanbul
    Ortakoy District
  • The Sultans’ Palace, which they call the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, which we advise all tourists to
    Visit this palace
    Unparalleled, this palace was famous for its unusual and most wonderful design at the beginning
    Our trip we visit the Sultans Palace and learn about the history of this palace The history of this palace goes back
    to the fifteenth century
    It was used as a royal palace during the Ottoman Empire.
    The Topkapi Palace is located on the edge of Istanbul, and what distinguished this palace
    It is its charming direct view of the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus Bridge.

Gulhane Park

It is the outer garden of Topkapi Palace, which was used for four years as a garden for the palace, but in
Twentieth century
It became an independent garden. In this wonderful garden, there are approximately 100 acres of tea orchards
and children’s gardens
It is the first place where the regulation law was read and Ataturk displayed the Latin letters
for the first time
Whereas the poet Nazim Hikmat said in it a poem and described the walnut trees in it, saying that he hid on the walnut trees in it so that the police would not see it

Sultan Ahmed Mosque

And in our next stop, we head to the Sultan Ahmed Mosque when we arrive at this wonderful mosque
You will be amazed by its design
Which is unparalleled and has been classified as one of the largest mosques in Turkey
And the largest and most beautiful, and not only in Istanbul, but in all of Turkey, this wonderful mosque is visited by Arab tourists
And Turkish and foreign tourists, the Sultan Ahmed Mosque is located in the square of the Sultanahmet area,
Some call this mosque the Blue Mosque, the Sultan Ahmed Mosque dates back to the years 1018 and 1020
in hijri
This mosque was built by the greatest architects and one of the engineers who participated
Designed by the engineer: Muhammad Al-Agha, the Sultan Ahmed Mosque is the only mosque in Turkey
Who owns six beacons, arranged in the following manner, three beacons on the right side and three beacons on the left side,
The most beautiful thing about classifying this mosque is the presence of these decorations on the mosque, which give it an unparalleled shape

Hagia Sophia Istanbul

On Sultan Ahmed’s trip, we will learn about the Hagia Sophia Museum, as it is also called the Hagia Sophia Mosque, Istanbul
On our fourth stop we go
Visiting the most important historical place in Istanbul and getting to know the Hagia Sophia Mosque from the inside
And watching the monuments inside, the Hagia Sophia Mosque is one of the most important tourist places in Istanbul
Hagia Sophia Church has been built
by Emperor Justinian in 532 AD and it was completed
The church was built in five years, in 537 AD, and the church was converted into a mosque
by Muhammad Al-Fateh
And it remained a church until 481 years ago, and in 1935 AD it rose
Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder of the Turkish Republic, converted the church into a mosque, and it has become in our time
A historical museum visited by millions of tourists
It is completely different from the Hagia Sophia Church in Trabzon.

Egyptian market

On Sultan Ahmed’s trip, we will tour the Egyptian market, which ranks the Egyptian market as one of the largest
In the city of Istanbul and the most beautiful and is also
One of the most beautiful markets in Istanbul, the Egyptian market is famous for its history, which extends back to the beginning of the seventeenth century
It also includes the Egyptian market
More than 150 shops inside this large market, as the residents of Istanbul call it
In the spice market and the Attarin market, as it is one of the most commodities they sell in this market,
Souk El Masry includes many bazaars in Istanbul.

Bosphorus trip

The Bosphorus trip is one of the most wonderful tourist trips that characterize the city of Istanbul,
What distinguishes this trip from the rest of the tourist trips is the simplicity of the tourist places that we visit in
Bosphorus trip and natural tourist places overlooking the Bosphorus,
We will set off on our journey from the port of Aminonu and the duration of the trip is two hours in the ship that contains many
From events and when we’re done
From visiting the ship, we go to the rest of the tourist places, including Dolma Bahga Palace
And Rumeli Fortress, Ortakoy Village, and many tourist places overlooking the Bosphorus

. Tourist places in the Bosphorus trip

Golden Horn Strait

As part of the Bosphorus trip, we visit the Golden Horn. This century is the mouth of the Bosphorus Strait
who divides the two
Between the European section and the Asian section, as some call it the Gulf
Its first section extends from the Beylu region in the north and east of the Gulf, from one of the activities of the Bosphorus Strait
You can charter ships
And take a trip on the ship that departs from Uskudar Station
During every hour, cruises on the ship begin at half past seven
From morning to half past seven in the evening over a 12-hour period.

Mosque of the great companion Abu Ayyub Al-Ansari

This mosque is one of the largest and most beautiful mosques in the city of Istanbul, and it is called Istanbul in the city of
Historic mosques, as they contain the most important historical mosques in them
, This mosque is called in Turkish Eyüp Sultan Cami
As it is called in Arabic the Mosque of Abu Ayyub al-Ansari, and this mosque is also classified as one of the oldest mosques
In the Ottoman Empire in Turkey, the Eyup Mosque is located in the European side of Istanbul, which is located near
From the Gulf (Golden Horn) The mosque dates back to 1458 AD and is the first mosque built by the Ottomans

Berluti view

Peroli view This view is one of the most important and most visited tourist stations in Istanbul
Overlooking the Alberolti view
Over the entire city of Istanbul overlooking the Gulf and the city of Istanbul
Entirely on the Asian and European side, and next to the view there are places for drinking
Tea on the charming view of the city of Istanbul, and this is what distinguishes this charming view.

Bosphorus trip Mina Turk park and exhibition

Mina Turk Park and Exhibition This exhibition contains the most important tourist attractions in Turkey and this show was distinguished
In its exquisite design
It contains all the attractions in the form of small figures
And there is, on each model, an explanation of the history of each tourist attraction. Entry prices range from the Ataturk Exhibition
For one person 20 Turkish lira, this park contains many archaeological museums
And mosques such as Sultan Ahmed Mosque, many mosques, and the Hagia Sophia Museum.

Ortakoy Bosphorus Tour

Ortakoy, Istanbul, which overlooks the Bosphorus, Ortakoy is located on the sea
Which overlooks the Bosphorus Strait completely. This area is famous for its sessions overlooking the Bosphorus
And the presence of many famous restaurants in it and the famous popular shops, there are many in Ortakoy
From the cafes overlooking the famous popular markets, including the Ortakoy Bazaar, which contains many
Famous souvenir shops

Belgrade Forest

Belgrade Forest, where the natural beauty of wonderful landscapes and vast green spaces are concentrated, is located in
Sariyer district of Istanbul, about 45 km from the Black Sea, Kartaltepe is the highest altitude
In the forests of Belgrade, where it is 230 meters high, we notice when visiting the water dams that were built in the Ottoman era
To meet the water needs, the forest covers an area of 700 acres, and is frequented by many tourists for hiking, roaming and enjoying

princesses island

Princesses Island is one of the most important and popular tourist destinations in Istanbul, and it is a chain of nine islands located in the Sea of Marmara, only four of which are available to visitors, namely Buyukada Island, which is the largest and most popular, Burgasada Island, Kinalada Island, and Hebelida Island,
As for the other five islands, they are small and unpopular: Sidivadasi Island, Hirzada Island, Sevrida Island, Yaseda Island, and Kasicada Island.

Buyukada Island

Buyukada Island covers an area of about 5.4 km2, and its population is approximately 7,500 people, and it increases by 10 to 15 times during the summer. Hamid II, as it is characterized by its quiet nature, forests, and the presence of the Museum of Islands in it

Hebelida Island

It is the second largest island in the archipelago, and is characterized by the presence of many interesting buildings in it, such as the Greek Orthodox High School, the Naval Academy, which was founded in 1773, the Museum of the House of the Second President of the Republic, and the House Museum of Hossein Rahmi Gurpinar.

Burgasada Island

It is the third largest of the Princess Islands, and is famous for the presence of churches and monasteries dating back to the Byzantine period, such as the Church of Hagia Ioannis.

kinalada island

Kinalada Island is known as the smallest of the Princess Islands, and it is a rocky island with no trees, but it is characterized by its beautiful beaches that attract tourists, and its summer houses that can be rented, and the Hristos Monastery, which was built by the Byzantine Emperor Romanes IV, is located on the island.
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