airport reception

Reception from the airport Istanbul

Reception from the airport Istanbul is a service requested by many visitors to Istanbul
Where Rahal Türk provides a pick-up service from the new Istanbul airport and Sabiha Gokcen Airport
Which is located in Asian Istanbul, in front of the new Istanbul airport
Which is considered one of the largest airports in the world, as it is located in the European section of Istanbul, which is characterized by
With its very large area and global fame in terms of good reception and service

Istanbul city

Istanbul, the famous city in Turkey and in the world
Which receives a lot of visitors daily, and which many people dream of staying in
And stability in it for its beauty and many tourist places
And the multiplicity and diversity of the nationalities of its visitors and residents, where you can see and hear all languages
There and to spend the most beautiful times and memories in its wonderful historical and religious areas

Reception from Sabiha Airport

Sabiha Gokcen Airport, which is located in the Asian side of Istanbul
Which is the second airport in Istanbul after Istanbul New Airport, and has been operating from 2001 until today
The present is about 35 km away from the center of Istanbul
To the name of the first woman in Turkey
Flying a warplane, we count Pegasus and Anadolu Jet as good companies to take off
From and to Sabiha Airport

Istanbul new airport

Istanbul new airport, which is one of the largest airports in the world
Space and capacity for the number of passengers, as it can accommodate more than 90 million passengers, which flies to more than
Three hundred destinations around the world, with internet access and Arabic speaking staff
And English and Turkish and who are deployed at the airport to serve
Passengers, assisting and guiding them to the gates, exits and shopping places
And cafes and bathrooms, there are places for shopping and buying necessities from Istanbul Airport
International and Turkish clothing and brands
In addition to buses designated to transport passengers from the airport to various destinations in Istanbul
And from most areas of Istanbul to the airport

Airport pick up service in Istanbul

You may find many companies that may receive you from the airport
But with our company, you will find convenient service and timely reception
And drivers who are trained and who speak Arabic
And they facilitate for you the matters of accommodation and delivery and guide you to the best
Restaurants, tourist places and hotels in and around Istanbul from both airports

Airport pick up service in Istanbul

Some tourists who come from outside Turkey to Istanbul Airport
They may have a transit and flight from Sabiha Airport
Therefore, our company provides you with its services with the best large and medium cars to transport you from
Istanbul Airport to Sabiha Airport
And vice versa, after communicating with us and leaving a picture of the flight ticket, name and passport

Reception from the airport in Istanbul

The employee of our company will be waiting for you at the airport according to the appointed time
To welcome you and help you with the luggage with the car of your choice, the sizes of the cars vary
In our company, according to the customer’s request, when booking for the reception from the airport
Please let us know the number of people to configure the right vehicle as all sizes of cars are available in our company
Suitable for small, medium and large families

Reservation from the airport in Istanbul

Reception from Sabiha Airport or New Istanbul Airport
For reservation: and the following conditions are provided
A copy of the passport
A picture of the flight ticket
Number of people to choose the right type of car
Arrival time and departure time
Please let us know how much time is available in case you go from one of the two airports
to the other in transit

airport reception

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